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How To Answer Multiple Choice Questions In Ielts Listening

how to answer multiple choice questions in ielts listening

Make Statements Into Questions. Sometimes a multiple choice question requires you to complete a sentence by providing the first half and then several possible second halves. In this case, you can often turn the first half of the sentence into a question to help guide you to the correct answer.

How to answer multiple choice questions in IELTS listening?

Underlining the keywords is the best tip to answer the multiple choice questions in IELTS listening. You will come across options containing “one word or two words” to choose the answer for the given question. Concentrate on the question and audio simultaneously. So, it is extremely easy to answer this type.

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In IELTS Listening multiple choice questions, your answer will almost always be the letter of the answer, not the words. This will be stated in the instructions, for example: Choose THREE letters A-H So, if one of the correct answers is ‘A money’, you must write ‘A’ not ‘money’.

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Don’t check your answers from the previous section when you have a break. It is important that you read the multiple choice questions and try to understand them. Highlight keywords. The keyword in the question will help you answer the question correctly. The keywords in the different options are those that differentiate meaning between the choices.

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The first is a short answer multiple choice question. You will be given a statement and a number of different options to choose from. Below is a picture of a sample question. The second type of multiple choice questions are sentence completion questions. You will be given a sentence stem and you will have to complete it with one of a number of options.

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To sum up, the main tips for answering IELTS Listening multiple choice questions are: Don't pick up the first answer choice you hear; wait for others to come; Read the answer choices while you're listening for the current question; Don't forget that answers may come in a different order; Look for paraphrased answers and synonyms

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IELTS Listening Multiple Choice Question Introduction In a multiple choice question, candidates can expect to choose from 3 or 4 possible options, which are usually letters (A, B, C, or D). There may also be questions that require you to select more than one possible answer.

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Carefully read the instructions. Underline keywords in the questions so that you are clear about what exactly is being asked. Next, underline keywords in the options, which give clues as to the difference in meaning between the different choices. Quickly think of topic related synonyms and paraphrases you might hear.

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We would now try to understand all strategies by discussing each IELTS listening multiple choice question according to its difficulty level.The most important strategy to solve IELTS listening multiple choice questions is to underline the keywords.

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It is possible to get a multiple choice question in all sections of IELTS listening. The exercise below is based on section 2, which means it’s one speaker talking on a social topic. Make sure you read through each question and check the options possible before you start listening.

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IELTS Listening: multiple choice tips Last Tuesday I asked you to think about how to deal with difficult multiple choice exercises, particularly in section 3 of the listening test. People shared some great tips in the comments area below the lesson , and I'll try to summarise their advice (and mine) here.

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Example of the IELTS multiple choice questions and answers Example of IELTS Multiple Choice Questions. 1. The book Educating Psyche is mainly concerned with A. the power of suggestion in learning B. a particular technique for learning based on emotions. C. the effects of emotion on the imagination and the unconscious.

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To an answer a multiple choice question, you need to select the best answer from four options. Example: The options are often short paraphrased ideas or summaries of larger parts of the text. The answers to these questions can normally be found one after the other in the text. In other words, the answer to question one will appear before ...

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Essential Tips for IELTS Listening Multiple Choice Questions. Learn techniques for success in IELTS multiple choice questions. This lesson covers useful tips and strategies , practice listening, a ...

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In this section, we are going to look at multiple choice types of questions and some strategies for IELTS listening. Multiple choice questions are the most difficult in IELTS listening module. So we are going to look at some important tips and tricks to solve multiple choice questions. TYPES OF QUESTIONS. 1. Short answer/Single answer questions

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IELTS Listening Matching Questions. Matching questions are very common in the IELTS Listening exam, so expect to get one in your test. This type of question usually appears in sections 1 or 3 in which the recording is a conversation between two or more people. The question will contain two sets of information and you have to match them.

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Multiple Choice Practice. Struggling with multiple choice questions in IELTS Listening Multiple Choice? You’re not alone! If you’re reading this, you’re probably familiar with IELTS Listening, the 4 sections and the different task types and strategies to do well.. But multiple-choice questions are a bit tougher than other question types, which is why we practice it so much in our Live ...

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IELTS Listening- Multiple Choice Questions. This post will show you how to effectively answer multiple choice questions in the IELTS listening test. It will show you the three different types of ... This post will help you answer labeling map or plan IELTS questions more effectively by looking at common problems, useful language and giving you ...

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IELTS Reading Multiple Choice Questions. This type of question follows the order of the text. So when you have found one answer, you know that the next one will be below, and probably not too far away. When you start looking at the questions, you should underline key words in the question stem to help you find the answers in the text.

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Sample Listening Multiple Choice (one answer) Answers: 1 She wanted to understand her own background. 2 interviews 3 organising what she had collected

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Reading task type four: multiple choice. In this question type you will be given a ‘stem’ which may be an incomplete sentence or a question. The stem will be followed by three or four options – one will be correct (the answer) and three may seem possible but are in fact incorrect in some way (the distracters).

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1.1.1 Multiple choice. For this question type, you are required to choose the best answer from four alternatives, or the best two answers from five alternatives, or the best three answers from seven alternatives.

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1. Fight anxiety. When it comes to tests, anxiety is your greatest enemy. You need a calm mind to reflect on the questions. This is especially important in listening comprehension exams, where you have only one or two chances to listen to the text, so you must fully concentrate on what you’re hearing.

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IELTS listening recording 1 (MP3, 1.2MB) Listening sample 2 task – Multiple Choice (PDF, 16KB) Listening recording 2 (MP3, 402KB) Listening sample 3 task – Short Answer (PDF, 25KB) IELTS Listening recording 3 (MP3, 574KB) Listening sample 4 task – Sentence Completion (PDF, 17KB) IELTS Listening recording 4 (MP3, 549KB)

How To Answer Multiple Choice Questions In Ielts Listening

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How To Answer Multiple Choice Questions In Ielts Listening